[Mediawiki-l] Changing the login page

Tim Ware tim at hyperarts.com
Sun Oct 29 17:28:29 UTC 2006

On Oct 29, 2006, at 1:13 AM, Dennis Heinzen wrote:

> Add
> $wgGroupPermissions['*']['createaccount'] = false;
> to LocalSettings.php.
> But then there is no way for users to create an account.

I'm using v1.7.1 and there is no $wgGroupPermissions

in LocalSettings.php

or anything like it, it appears.


> 2006/10/28, Tim Ware <tim at hyperarts.com>:
>> I have successfully changed, in the top right, "login / create an
>> account" to just login, and then put a link on the home page to
>> create an account, utilizing captcha to filter out abusers.
>> However, if you click on what now says "login" it pulls up the page
>> which has the login fields, but also a link the "create an account"
>> which bypasses my nicely devised system. Can the content of this page
>> be edited (it's Special:Userlogin)?
>> Thanks!
>> Tim

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