[Mediawiki-l] How to let people stay logged in (Gary Kirk)

Lane, Ryan Ryan.Lane at ocean.navo.navy.mil
Fri Oct 27 14:48:18 UTC 2006

> Not at all.  https ensures that only the trusted group can be using
> wiki.  This is why we trust them to stay logged in to the wiki.  The
> point would be moot if apache would inform MW as to my user and group
> the https login, so I would never have to do 2 logins: one for https
> another for mediawiki.  This is the problem I would really like to see
> solved.  But in the meantime my workaround question stands.  (And
> "remember me" doesn't log me in; it just rememebers my name in the
> screen.)

When you say https, do you mean web server authentication? Using https
does nothing other than ensure that the traffic in between you and the
server is encrypted (it does NOT perform authentication). If you mean
web server authentication, please specify, because I believe this is
causing quite a bit of confusion.


Ryan Lane

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