[Mediawiki-l] Page Exist?

Alexis Moinet alexis.moinet at fpms.ac.be
Thu Oct 26 15:41:16 UTC 2006

headley-hfFO4poyKT6Ypkr5+xe8Uw at public.gmane.org a écrit :
> [I'll try this again, without piggybacking to another thread.  Sorry for
> the spam.]

so am I (I didn't pay attention to the thread your were posting in)

> Just sending this back to the list, since I didn't get a response earlier.
>  Anyone have any ideas on how I can check to see if a specific article
> exists that isn't the currecnt article?  I want to change the class used
> in the link, and possibly send them directly to the edit page.

the hard way (I'm sure a more elegant and simpler solution exists) :

$articlename = Title::newFromText("namespace:titleofarticle");

	echo "it does exist";
	echo "it does not exist";

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