[Mediawiki-l] Inputbox: Directly create

Chris Earle cearle at cbltech.ca
Thu Oct 26 13:50:17 UTC 2006

hmm....what you're asking would essentially mean the inputbox becomes a form
to create a wiki page ............. don't think anyone's figured that out
with this extension yet

it would open a crazy range of possiblities for forms to create content in
the wiki ...which I'm not sure is where anyone wants to go with MW
.......... too simplified.....have to get your lazy users to create / edit
the pages themselves....


"Ingmar Heinrich" <ingmar.heinrich at gmail.com>
wrote in message
news:3dd61e600610170609y132b8e3fi4a3ae5f6ff9b0620 at mail.gmail.com...
> Hi there!
> With the inputbox extension, is there a way to directly create a page
> without having to submit the edit form that is displayed after
> clicking inputbox's create button?
> Cheers,
>   Ingmar

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