[Mediawiki-l] How to change the sidebar width?

headley at lonestranger.net headley at lonestranger.net
Wed Oct 25 17:09:41 UTC 2006

You also have to remember that if your changes aren't showing, the page
might be loading from the client-side cache instead of grabbing the new
files.  In IE you can reload the page with CTRL-F5 to force refresh.

> Mediawiki-l responders wrote:
>  > Mark London wrote :
>  > > How would I change the sidebar width? (I'm using monobook).
>  > > Actually, I want to get rid of the whole sidebar, which I figured out
>  > > how to do, but now I have the empty space where it used to be, and I
>  > > want to have the content of the page fill up that space.
>  >
>  > change the margin and/or padding value of the #content in
>  > skins/monobook/main.css file
> I had done that, but it wasn't working.  They I realized that I also
> have to change all the browser specific css files also, like
> IE60Fixes.css!
>  > I'd love to see instructions on how to remove it.  I've seen it done
>  > here and there, but I never did manage to do it myself.
> I basically edited Monobook.php and removed the code that was
> responsible for outputting everything on the left side (and the footer
> also).  Perhaps editing the CSS files, and changing the appropriate
> widths to 0, would also work?
> Btw, having just started working on wikis for the first time this past
> week, it appears that one has to learn php & html if one wants to do any
> significant customization to the skins.  This is esspecially true, because
> the comments in some of the skin files are very sparse.
> - Mark
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