[Mediawiki-l] How to change the sidebar width?

Mark London mrl at psfc.mit.edu
Wed Oct 25 16:38:00 UTC 2006

Mediawiki-l responders wrote:
 > Mark London wrote :
 > > How would I change the sidebar width? (I'm using monobook).
 > > Actually, I want to get rid of the whole sidebar, which I figured out
 > > how to do, but now I have the empty space where it used to be, and I
 > > want to have the content of the page fill up that space.
 > change the margin and/or padding value of the #content in
 > skins/monobook/main.css file

I had done that, but it wasn't working.  They I realized that I also
have to change all the browser specific css files also, like IE60Fixes.css!

 > I'd love to see instructions on how to remove it.  I've seen it done
 > here and there, but I never did manage to do it myself.

I basically edited Monobook.php and removed the code that was
responsible for outputting everything on the left side (and the footer
also).  Perhaps editing the CSS files, and changing the appropriate
widths to 0, would also work?

Btw, having just started working on wikis for the first time this past
week, it appears that one has to learn php & html if one wants to do any
significant customization to the skins.  This is esspecially true, because
the comments in some of the skin files are very sparse.

- Mark

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