[Mediawiki-l] How can I moderate who registers?

Tim Ware tim at hyperarts.com
Mon Oct 23 17:42:50 UTC 2006

On Oct 23, 2006, at 10:38 AM, George Herbert wrote:

>> I have v.1.7.1.
>> Can I set up MediaWiki so that requests to register are sent to me so
>> I can approve the registration?
> It's not really set up to do that easily.  If you want to, per some
> conversations a month or so ago on the list, you may want to:
> * Change default user read permission to off
> * Set whitelist pages to include the homepage and login and  
> register pages
> * Set up a new user group with global read permissions
> Anyone can set up an account, but all it gives them is read access  
> to the
> front door.  To do more than that, you have to have someone with  
> burecrat
> permission add them to the global read group.

That may not work. I want the site readable by all and editable by  
registered users. So I guess I really can't moderate the  
registrations without losing other functionality I need.


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