[Mediawiki-l] just removing title of main page

Alexis Moinet alexis.moinet at fpms.ac.be
Mon Oct 23 08:16:04 UTC 2006

Dinth a écrit :
> It works but not with all my Main Pages. 
> On http://www.wikipasy.pl - It works with "Encyklopedia KS Cracovia online",
> "Encyklopedia KS Cracovia online/Hokej mezczyzn", "Encyklopedia KS Cracovia
> online/Koszykowka mezczyzn", but not with "Encyklopedia KS Cracovia
> online/Siatkowka mezczyzn"

All of them work for me, no main page displayed at all (though these pages seem to not exist - I get the message : (Nie ma jeszcze artykułu o tym tytule. Wybierz Edytuj by go rozpocząć.) ).

Consider force-refresh the cache of your internet browser (ctrl+F5)

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