[Mediawiki-l] Design querry: history tab

ApostateAmish at aol.com ApostateAmish at aol.com
Sat Oct 21 19:52:14 UTC 2006

In a message dated 10/21/2006 12:31:54 P.M. Pacific Standard Time,  
hennar at gmail.com writes:

the  simpelest thing to do is either write a css from scratch/based on
monobook  where you 'hide' those tabs (visibility:hidden;
display:none), only thing  you need to know is how to use css.
The other option is designing a custom  skin, you'll need to know some
php&html for that, examples can be found  in /skins/


Thanks, henna. I've already customized monobook quite a bit, and tweaked  the 
css for this particular application. But your suggestion does inspire a new  
line of thinking -- I could designate alternate classes for the tabs in css  
that include display:none then call classes that show or hide various tabs. My  
thoughts were more along the lines of simply revising the php that calls the  
tabs, but per your suggestion integrating display:none styles might be part 
of  that schema. 
I've really not started plodding through the instantiation logic for the  
tabs yet, except to remove one tab on protected pages. Knowing some php and html  
isn't enough. The challenge is to apply what knowledge I have, and to develop 
 some familiarity with MediaWiki architecture. Part of that process involves  
searching to see if existing schemas are already available, to avoid 
duplicating  work already done and to take advantage of the work of more experienced  
programmers, or of those more familiar with MediaWiki. I haven't found any  
examples in /skins/ that do what I described -- in fact such examples would not  
be found there because skintemplate.php, and the tab instantiation logic it  
exposes is shared by all skins. 
Skinstemplate.php is found in /includes/ and I have not located any  
alternative logic in alternate skintemplate.php files so far. That's what I'm  asking 
-- has anybody released a revised /includes/skintemplate.php that  minimizes 
instantiation of "edit" and "history" tabs to appear only on those  pages and 
for those editors who are approved for  editing?

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