[Mediawiki-l] Design querry: history tab

ApostateAmish at aol.com ApostateAmish at aol.com
Sat Oct 21 18:41:29 UTC 2006

Those tabs at the top of a page in default MediaWiki installations  interfere 
with my design goals. In general, I want pages to focus on the content  of 
pages, not on the function of a site or of a "community." I nixed the "view  
source" tab which appears for the vast majority of users who will not have edit  
access, though that control of access is still dependent on page protection  
instead of on granular permissions. Eventually I will move most article  
development into protected namespaces, or use another approach to regulation  
editorial access.
The glitch now is that pesky "history" tab. The vast majority of readers  who 
see a tab that says "history" over an article about baseball, for example,  
will expect that tab to lead to information about the history of baseball, not  
to a page of unfathomable links to "cur" and "Talk" and "contribs". 
Now, it's not that I don't need version control. That's why I selected  
MediaWiki -- it provides for version control and for shared editorial access. I  
just don't need to wear my choice in software on my sleeve. 
My question is, has anyone developed other schema for rendering these tabs?  
A left column placement would be an easy way to reduce the visibility of the  
tags, but that doesn't settle ambiguity about what they mean, and it doesn't  
negate the implication that version control (history) is relevant to the 
average  user. My first best option would be to have the history tab appear only 
for  those with edit privileges on that page. If I go that route, I'll probably 
find  a way to revise it as I plod along through revising the "edit" tab 
I query here because I doubt I am the only one to have used MediaWiki for  
other purposes than to promote the idea that "anybody can edit." Are there other 
 working schemas in circulation for rendering these  tabs?

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