[Mediawiki-l] Image: link alias

Chris Earle cearle at cbltech.ca
Thu Oct 19 20:04:56 UTC 2006

I experience the same problem with MW 1.5.6

I have been using [[:Image:filename.zip|description]] to get descriptions to
show up in article content -- but I see that this breaks the 'What Links
Here' section on that uploaded file's Image Page.  Which I'd rather not
break because that's useful information.  But seeing
Image:myfile.zip in articles is sooo ugly! :-)

Can someone confirm that this is the right behaviour for this version of MW
and whether it's been changed in recent releases?


"Nicolas STRANSKY" <Nicolas.Stransky at curie.fr> wrote in
message news:44118860.4010507 at curie.fr...

For some time I've been using the following syntax successfuly on
Mediawiki 1.5.x:
[[Image:document-xyz.pdf | My document XYZ]] which used to produce the
following output as a link to the "Image:" page:
My document XYZ

Now this doesn't work anymore, at least with mediawiki 1.5.6 and 1.5.7
and for the same syntax I just see this link as if no alias had been
given after the pipe:

Is there any reason why I should observe that ? I have noticed that the
following alternative syntax works as I want it to work but I wonder if
this is the right way to do it (I added a colon at the beginning):
[[:Image:document-xyz.pdf | My document XYZ]]

Thanks for your help,
Équipe Oncologie Moléculaire
Institut Curie - UMR 144 - CNRS                 Tel : +33 1 42 34 63 40
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