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Robert Leverington lcarsdata at googlemail.com
Thu Oct 19 06:19:45 UTC 2006

For adding a page to the toolbox section: The toolbox is configured in
the skin files (skin/SkinName.php), you need to add the html link in
an li tag in the toolbox div (the link should be in the
"/w/index.php?title=" style where w is the directory your wiki is
saved to or "/wiki/Special:..." if you are using the title changing
method. The special page should be saved to the /includes directory of
your wiki along with the others.

On 18/10/06, aretai aretai <aretaiuc at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> Does anyone know how to add a special page in the toolbox section?
> I got a problem with UNIQ QINU tags (MW 1.6.7). I usually get them on
> wikipage and only last tagged version is working
> I found some info on this problem here:
> http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/MediaWiki_extensions_FAQ#How_do_I_render_wikitext_in_my_extension.3F
> However when I tried to render a wikipage using methods mentioned there I
> got a blank page only.
> Is there a tutorial anyway what should be changed or adjusted?
> thx for answers
> thx
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