[Mediawiki-l] Bad permissions on thumbnails generated by ImageMagick

mr occupant xmxmt at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 17 20:40:04 UTC 2006

(I apologize if this is a repost but I did not see it in the archives after 2 days)

My hosting service just switched from Apache 1.x to Apache 2.0. Now when new thumbnail images are generated by ImageMagick, they have incorrect permissions. The image files are still being created and stored on the file system OK, but now they have permissions of -rw------- instead of -rw-rw-r-- and are thus inaccessible via the web.

Files uploaded via the normal process still have the correct permissions, it's only the generated thumbnail images that have the problem.

Any ideas on what might have caused the permissions to change and how to fix it so they are generated correctly again? What user is executing ImageMagick and what is the mechanism used to set those permissions. I'm trying to come up to speed on Linux as fast as I can but there are definite gaps in my knowledge.

I am currently running MediaWiki version 1.5.6 with MySql 4.1 and PHP 4.


- - - Paul Bunter 

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