[Mediawiki-l] Antwort: Re: Link to a Windows-Fileshare

JTAutry jtautry at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 17 14:42:22 UTC 2006

So I've heard.  Unfortunately, a) the fix is plastered all over the mediawiki FAQ and b) its confusing to a newbie becuase there is no $wgUrlProtocols being assigned in LocalSettings.php.

Yes, I'm both a newbie and confused!   :)


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You should _never_ edit DefaultSettings.php. Instead, make your changes in 

Otherwise you will have issues with upgrading to a newer version of 

-- chris

mediawiki-l-bounces at Wikimedia.org schrieb am 17.10.2006 15:46:59:

> Philip,
> In 1.7.1, I found the $wgUrlProtocols in /includes/DefaultSettings.
> php.  Just add a comma after the last protocol in the array and add 
> 'file://' to the end.  Then file links will work just like external 
> hyperlinks.
> Also, there's a nifty extension called FileLinkExtension I think. 
> It puts a button on the editor that brings up a dialog box for 
> browsing for the file to link to.
> Taylor
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