[Mediawiki-l] HELP: wikipedia dump using MWdumper

Brion Vibber brion at pobox.com
Mon Oct 16 21:10:32 UTC 2006

Syed Tanveer Shahzad Gilani wrote:
> I am new to wikipedia world. I have a Windows XP machine running XAMPP. I
> have installed Mediawiki 1.7.1 and is working fine. Now I want to dump
> English wikipedia. I have read and used a lot many applicable commands but
> none seems to work. Today I have used the following command:
> java -jar mwdumper.jar --format=sql:1.5
> enwiktionary-20060927-pages-articles.xml.bz2 | mysql -u user -p passw wikidb
> According to a suggestion I have placed mwdumper.jar and the dump .bz2 file
> in the folder where mysql.exe exists.  (any other suggestion????)


> it goes upto 279 pages with out any warning.
> When i open wikidb in mysql there is no record in any table , not a single
> entry. I have deleted from the page, revision and text tables. There is no
> prefix set to wikidb tables. I have looked all forums which i found. And now
> its driving me nuts!!

1) Try saving the output to an .sql file rather than piping it directly to
MySQL. This can make it easier to track down problems later:

java bla bla bla > bigfile.sql

2) Now do the SQL import:
mysql -u <username> -p<password> <dbname> < bigfile.sql

Watch the output for errors.

Likely problems:
* You didn't create the tables first, so there's no tables to import into.
* Your tables are named with a prefix and you didn't pass the prefix option, so
they don't go to the right place.
* You created tables with the MediaWiki installer, but didn't clear them afterwards.

The page, revision, and text tables must:
* exist
* be empty
for the import to proceed successfully.

To create the tables manually, source in maintenance/tables.sql from the
MediaWiki distribution.

You can use the TRUNCATE TABLE command to clear existing tables. See
dev.mysql.com for general documentation on MySQL.

-- brion vibber (brion @ pobox.com)

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