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Mon Oct 16 16:58:38 UTC 2006

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Ricardo Rodríguez - Your XEN ICT Team wrote:
> Thanks, Jimmy. UPGRADE is the entry point indeed!
> But I'd already read that and was not able to find references to how to move, if possible, the contents of a MediaWiki: 1.5.7 based wiki to a MediaWiki: 1.8.2 one. This file has not this purpose, of course!
> I could do an upgrade of the 1.5.7 installation to 1.8.2, then back up and restore the data in the new location. But I'm having some problems with PHP in this box and it will be great to avoid this path.
> I could install 1.5.7 either in the new box, move contents, then do an upgrade. It is probably the easiest path.
> But once installed 1.8.2 in the new server, I was wondering if there is some script/tool that could avoid me any of both update processes.
> Please, accept my apologies if I am messing things at any extent or missing any important point.
> Any help will be welcome!
> Cheers,
> Ricardo

I think that if you dump the 1.5.7 database and import it to the 1.8.2 database
(drop the old database of 1.8.2 first, if exists), and then run "php
maintenance/update.php" on 1.8.2. If you don't have LocalSettings.php for 1.8.2,
run the installation script instead of "php maintenance/update.php" after
importing the database. Dump all the important data, anyway, for any case.

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