[Mediawiki-l] Can't configure multiple Wikis?

David_S_Green at Dell.com David_S_Green at Dell.com
Mon Oct 16 16:13:22 UTC 2006

Hello all,

I can't seem to make it past the final hurtle when trying to setup
another wiki instance using my same database. In the setup options I am
trying to give the new Wiki a "Database table prefix" so that I can use
the same database and run multiple wikis...but one I hit "Install
MediaWiki", all goes well until right at the end when I get this:

Creating tables... using MySQL 4 table defs...Query "CREATE TABLE
`gec_user` ( user_id int(5) unsigned NOT NULL auto_increment, user_name
varchar(255) binary NOT NULL default '', user_real_name varchar(255)
binary NOT NULL default '', user_password tinyblob NOT NULL default '',
user_newpassword tinyblob NOT NULL default '', user_email tinytext NOT
NULL default '', user_options blob NOT NULL default '', user_touched
char(14) binary NOT NULL default '', user_token char(32) binary NOT NULL
default '', user_email_authenticated CHAR(14) BINARY, user_email_token
CHAR(32) BINARY, user_email_token_expires CHAR(14) BINARY,
user_registration CHAR(14) BINARY, PRIMARY KEY user_id (user_id), UNIQUE
INDEX user_name (user_name), INDEX (user_email_token) ) TYPE=InnoDB "
failed with error code "CREATE command denied to user
'wikiuser'@'localhost' for table 'gec_user' (localhost)". 

It will let me setup a new wiki without using the prefix, but then that
shares the original wiki's data....and that isn't what I need to do.


Appreciate any help I can get.







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