[Mediawiki-l] images won't show

Arjen Verweij arjen.verweij at gmail.com
Sat Oct 14 16:58:49 UTC 2006


The code I am using is:


because my locale is set to nl (Dutch). The English equivalent would be:
I understand that putting in a URL after Image: won't work, I'm merely
trying to point out that the image is there and can be accessed. The line
shows up in red. [[Image:thisimagedoesntexist.png]] has the same effect.

Currently I'm trying to find out how I can debug this, it is as if my
mediawiki just can't find the path to the images directory. I haven't
changed anything in de configuration script, except changing InnoDB to
MyISAM, but I doubt this is the problem.

Thanks for responding.


2006/10/14, Brion Vibber <brion at pobox.com>:
> Arjen Verweij wrote:
> > I don't -want- to upload images, this particular images is in
> > wiki/skins/common/images/mediawiki.png - the message is just what jou
> get
> > when you click on the text.
> > When I enter http://url/to/wiki/skins/common/images/mediawiki.png in my
> > browser I I get to see the image just fine.
> That's not part of the in-wiki universe and so can't be referenced via
> [[Image:Mediawiki.png]].
> If for some reason you want to use it in the wiki, either enable uploads
> and
> upload it, or enable image URL references (possibly insecure and prone to
> abuse)
> and use the full URL.
> -- brion vibber (brion @ pobox.com)
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