[Mediawiki-l] List all categories

Chris Earle cearle at cbltech.ca
Thu Oct 12 17:21:28 UTC 2006

Don't think that works .... something about template-including (the {{ }}'s)
and the Special page doesn't work..... I was going to say the same thing

Maybe you could create an "All Categories" category, and add all your
categories to it by default ....and then create an article "Category List"
or something, and use the NiceCategoryList extension to generate the index
of all the categories dynamically -- and then include that {{Category List}}
on your main page.....

if that makes any sense! :-)


"Jan Steinman" <Jan at Bytesmiths.com> wrote in
message news:18E51CA2-EDEB-4CCE-8B8E-33E7A5E99C4F at Bytesmiths.com...
> > From: "Kim Grinfeder"
<grinfeder at miami.edu>
> >
> >> Is it possible to dynamically display links to all categories on
> >> the main page?
> How about putting "{{:Special:Category}}" (or whatever your top-level
> category page is) where you want them to appear?
> Can't say I've tried it, but it might do something interesting...
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