[Mediawiki-l] treeview for MediaWiki

Arjen Verweij arjen.verweij at gmail.com
Sun Oct 8 13:55:00 UTC 2006


I'm digging around in what's possible with MW and am looking for some kind
of TreeView possibility.

So far I have found two:

CategoryTree which has bene integrated in MW 1.8 build so-and-so which is
currently considered alpha-quality.
Then there's a Treeview skin under development, which is available on

>From what I can tell the biggest difference so far is the integration of the
views. CT appears in the body of the page, like a TOC, and TV seems to live
in the navigation section. Am I correct in thinking this? Are there plans to
make a CT an optional part of the navigation section as well?

Best regards,

Arjen Verweij

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