[Mediawiki-l] <math> - localised rendering of functions

Šerých Jakub Serych at panska.cz
Sat Oct 7 20:26:43 UTC 2006

I have problem with goniometric functions in Czech language. Czech
mathematicians don't use functions named tan(x) and cotan(x) but tg(x) and
cotg(x) instead of them. 

Does anybody know how to "localise" rendering of <math> /tan x /cot x </math>
to render tg and cotg in resulting formula? 

If this is not possible, is it possible to define new functions /tg and /cotg
in <math>? 

Until now I'm using \operatorname{tg} and \operatorname{cotg} which works,
but the <math> source code of more complicated formulas are little bit
unreadable and also \operatorname has problems with spaces between functions,
so I have to add \; by the hand to space the formulas correctly.

Thanks in advance for any help



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