[Mediawiki-l] Release time (roadmap) of 1.6?

Rob Lanphier robla at robla.net
Wed Mar 29 21:43:59 UTC 2006

On Wed, 2006-03-29 at 10:04 -0800, Brion Vibber wrote:
> The current evil plan is to move to quarterly snapshot releases.
> Since we're doing continuous integration and keeping The Primary Code on a
> production site, in theory we can make production-quality releases at any time
> (such as we are able); roughly every 3 months should be fast enough for the 'I
> want features!' crowd, hopefully!

Part of me says "yay!" and part of me says "eek!".  Questions:

1.  How long will security updates be available for a major release?  It
would suck to /have/ to make major upgrades every 3 months just to keep
on the security update train.
2.  Is next week going to be "rc1", or is the whole release candidate
phase considered a sign of weakness ;-)

It seems that six-month cycles are all the rage now.  Three month cycles
are so 2002.


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