[Mediawiki-l] Saving a page, much later

laurent laurent at sem.ca
Wed Mar 29 14:38:47 UTC 2006

Vasiliadis, Thomas wrote:
> Do you work with authentification?
> Maybe your Session was terminatet by timeout or similar things
I assumed that since "Remember me" is selected, sessions would not 
timeout. When the user presses the save button, a preview is displayed. 
Just clicking save again will save the page without requiring a login... 
So I wonder, what happens if someone else modified the same page during 
the day? Would the preview show the changes of both users? Would the 
middle user lose its changes?

jdd wrote:
> this is a bad idea, but it happens to me also :-(
I understand. I try to teach my users not to do that, but sometimes it's 
more of a matter of writing a page, being distracted for several hours, 
then coming back to the computer and going "Woah, i should finish 
writing this."

Is there a mechanism in mediawiki to deal with such things? Does 
mediawiki check if changes have occured so that a conflict would occur 
and request the user to "merge" his own page along with the other page?


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