[Mediawiki-l] Automatic changing of many articles

Vasiliadis, Thomas T.Vasiliadis at schlemmerblock.de
Wed Mar 29 11:14:43 UTC 2006

>>> I fount the PythonMediaWikiBot, but I can only use PHP or Pearl.

>>Keep in mind that pywikipediabot is a client-side program suite: it
>>does not run on the web 
>>server, but on your own computer; it connects to the server over HTTP
>>just as your web browser 

>I will take a second look at pywikipediabot 

OK, I have installed Phyton on my client and now I am trying to
understand how I modify the Scripts to get acces to my Wiki and not to
modify Wikipedia with my garbage.
I found the config file (user-config.py) but I do not now, how to tell
the script to login to my server or how the name of my server ist.
I haven't found a tutorial either. At least no one which I am able to
understand (it is my first time using Pyton and I only want the Bots
running over my Wiki)

Have anybody a suggestion where I can find a tutorial for bloody

Thanks a lot


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