[Mediawiki-l] Automatic changing of many articles

Vasiliadis, Thomas T.Vasiliadis at schlemmerblock.de
Wed Mar 29 09:53:38 UTC 2006

Vasiliadis, Thomas wrote:
> Hi there,

>First, upgrade to the current release (now 1.5.8) IMMEDIATELY!

I'll do :-)

>> I fount the PythonMediaWikiBot, but I can only use PHP or Pearl.

>What's wrong with Python? Have you signed some contract forbidding the
execution of programs 
>written in Python or something?

>Keep in mind that pywikipediabot is a client-side program suite: it
does not run on the web 
>server, but on your own computer; it connects to the server over HTTP
just as your web browser 

That was my fault, I thaugt I have to install this on my Server

I will take a second look at pywikipediabot 



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