[Mediawiki-l] Hoe wo upgrade from 1.5.x (was: Search engine rendered useless by cookies)

Andy Roberts aroberts at gmail.com
Sun Mar 26 17:14:46 UTC 2006

 > This is from the UPGRADE file from the 1.5.7 distribution:
> Basically, to upgrade a wiki you:
> * Back up your data! (See Backups! below)
> * Extract the new archive. If you can do this in a clean directory that's
>   great, but it should work to extract over the old files too. This may
>   be easier if you have images etc in place and don't want to move them
>   around, but remember to back up first!
> * Run the installer to upgrade the database schema (if necessary).

I've seen thses, but unfortunately they are just a little bit
ambiguous and far from foolproof.

Has anybody sucessfully upgraded from 1.5.0  to 1.5.7 and documented
the precise steps involved please?

For example, if uploading the extracted files of the new version via
FTP, does the localsettings file need to be reconfigured, or can you
keep the old one in situ?

Which other files, if any might need to be retained?

I talke it the last step, running the installer should be ommitted
when upgrading fom 1.5.0 to 1.5.7,  so it's just a case of copying
over some new versions of the php scripts and libraries, but which

Given that there will be quite a few people attempting this on a
regular basis, it may be worth fleshing out the documentation a bit,
if anybody can spare the time to do so.

Andy Roberts

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