[Mediawiki-l] Hoe wo upgrade from 1.5.x (was: Search engine rendered useless by cookies)

Michael E. Hancock mhancock at us.net
Sun Mar 26 14:06:25 UTC 2006

From: "Chris Knust" <chris at knust-net.de>
> That sounds like a plan; however I have never done a real upgrade but
> did a full new installation for 1.5.0 after having run trials with
> 1.4.x. I have found (again) the installation instructions, but no
> upgrade instructions. The zipped download does not include instructions
> either which are understandable for an idiot like yours truly, so if
> anyone can  point me to he help page for upgrading 1.5.x I would very
> much appreciate this.
> Rob Church schrieb:
> > Step one is to upgrade to 1.5.7 since 1.5.0 contains a number of
> > security vulnerabilities and major bugs.
> >
> > On 25/03/06, Chris Knust <chris at knust-net.de> wrote:
> >> I run a Wiki on MW1.50 at http://www.detroitinfo.de/wiki and still have
> >> trouble with the search function. It´s working smoothly for the first
> >> time, but after revisiting the wiki in the next session I only get crap
> >> returns such as "H*ere are 0* results, beginning with mit #*368282*."
> >> After deleting the detroitinfo.de cookie, everything´s back ok for one
> >> session. This happens with Opera, IE and Firefox.
> >> Since this is rather user-dissatisfying, any help is greatly

This is from the UPGRADE file from the 1.5.7 distribution:

Basically, to upgrade a wiki you:
* Back up your data! (See Backups! below)
* Extract the new archive. If you can do this in a clean directory that's
  great, but it should work to extract over the old files too. This may
  be easier if you have images etc in place and don't want to move them
  around, but remember to back up first!
* Run the installer to upgrade the database schema (if necessary).

Good Luck!

Michael E. Hancock

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