[Mediawiki-l] interwiki peculiarity

Rich Morin rdm at cfcl.com
Sun Mar 26 01:44:40 UTC 2006

For some reason, the default interwiki table doesn't
include an entry for Wikipedia.  I can think of two
possible reasons for this:

  *  The table is a snapshot of the one used for WP,
     which never needs to refer to itself, so the
     entry was simply omitted.

  *  The Powers That Be don't _want_ it to be easy
     to link to WP (?!?).

Can someone clarify this for me?  And, if it's just
an accidental omission, could someone find a way to
include an entry?  I can't be the only MW user who
likes to link to WP...


P.S.  After getting a clue from Rob, I used the following
      MySQL to insert a row in my own database:

  % mysql -uroot -p
  Password: ...
  mysql> use mediawikidb_rdm
  mysql> INSERT INTO rdm_interwiki
         VALUES ('wp', 'http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/$1', 0, 0);

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