[Mediawiki-l] Won't let me upload .XLS files

Jan Steinman Jan at Bytesmiths.com
Fri Mar 24 15:18:39 UTC 2006

I added 'xls' to the array $wgFileExtensions in LocalSettings.php,  
and tried to upload a ~20kb spreadsheet.

I get the message: "The file is corrupt or has an incorrect  
extension. Please check the file and upload again."

I tried uploading several times, and successfully opened the file in  
MarinerCalc. (I don't do monopolies, so can't check it in Excel, but  
I'll bet neither can MediaWiki... :-)

The server is case-sensitive; the client is case-preserving. The  
actual file extension is lower case.

I've done the same procedure with 'pdf' files, and can successfully  
upload those.

This is MediaWiki 1.5.3, on MacOS X 10.4.5 with MySQL 5.0.15.

Any ideas?

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