[Mediawiki-l] [MediaWiki-l ] database error when rebuildrecentchanges.php

Jasmin Hannemann Jasmin.Hannemann at macd.com
Thu Mar 23 14:42:26 UTC 2006


i install a new wiki version on my pc. Then I import the backup dump
from the old version. This works fine. Then I rebuild the links for the
recentchanges, too. For the first time, there were no problem. When I
run this method twice, I get these error message:

** Rebuilding recentchanges table:
Loading from page and revision tables...
A database error has occurred
Query: INSERT rev_timestamp 5000 INTO `recentchanges` 


IF(page_is_new != 0, 1, 0)  FROM `page`,`revision` WHERE (rev_timestamp > 
20060316132810) AND (rev_page=page_id)
Function: rebuildRecentChangesTablePass1
Error: 1064 You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that 
corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 
'5000 INTO `recentchanges` 
(rc_timestamp,rc_cur_time,rc_user,rc_user_text,rc_name' at line 1 (localhost)

GlobalFunctions.php line 450 calls wfbacktrace()
Database.php line 397 calls wfdebugdiebacktrace()
Database.php line 347 calls databasemysql::reportqueryerror()
Database.php line 1268 calls databasemysql::query()
rebuildrecentchanges.inc line 43 calls databasemysql::insertselect()
rebuildall.php line 26 calls rebuildrecentchangestablepass1()

I do not change anything at the functions, so that I cannot understand,
what these error produce.


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