[Mediawiki-l] Making language links like [[fr:Ceci est un test]] work

Hugh Prior mediawiki at localpin.com
Wed Mar 22 16:14:39 UTC 2006

I've tried to find out how to start the multi-lingual thing with 
"en.mysite.com" and "fr.mysite.com" etc. but though there is a lot on 
translation of messages and stuff I cannot find where it talks about this 
prefixing of the site domain name.

I would like to have my wiki work multi-lingually like www.wikipedia.org in 
that a user can put on the English page "This is a test" a link to the 
French version of the page, "Ceci est un test".

By inspecting wikipedia I see that the user text would look like [[fr:Ceci 
est un test]], but when I try this sort of thing on my local wiki all I get 
displayed is "fr:Ceci est un test"

e.g. if I put [[fr:Arts]] on the following page

it just becomes a standard wiki-link in the middle of the page to:
rather than an entry in a side menu to a "French" version of the page.

So, my questions:
1) What am I missing in terms of my setup to process this stuff correctly?
2) Where is this documented?
3) What would the URL look like during development?  I cannot quite imagine 
where the "en." would appear in a "localhost" style URL.



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