[Mediawiki-l] A wiki very simple (how to block some options ?)

iubito iubito at gmail.com
Mon Mar 20 20:46:21 UTC 2006

Hi !

I've been asked to create a website as simple as possible with :
- search
- only 2 or 3 users can add (or modify) content to pages
- probably 5 or 6 pages

I think I could use MediaWiki as I know how it works and how to create
extensions and special pages I'll need.

Is there a way to achieve the followings ?
- disable create account (just login), I (the sysop) will create the 2
- remove links and disable Talk, edit, history, protect, delete, move,
except for sysop (me), the 2 users will have very simple pages, they are not
familiar with wiki and complex pages, they want very simple, I'll have these
functionnality in case of "emergency". I know how to change the Skin, but I
don't know how to really disable the page for not sysop, I don't want a
visitor who knows how works MediaWiki to see history.
- remove some special pages, give access to others (e.g.
Allmessage) only for me (sysop)

Thanks in advance,


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