[Mediawiki-l] updateSearchIndex.php - Error: No 'Dbase_Name.cur' table

Joe wiki at anotherwebcom.com
Sat Mar 18 23:31:00 UTC 2006

  Im trying to run /maintenance/updateSearchIndex.php but recive the 
following error from the command-line.

Updating searchindex between 20060317230340 and 20060318230340
    --- Waiting for lock ---
Warning: Missing argument 1 for locksearchindex() in 
/home/my_path/public_html/wiki/maintenance/updateSearchIndex.inc on line 79
A database error has occurred
Query: LOCK TABLES `searchindex` LOW_PRIORITY WRITE, `cur` READ, 
`interwiki` READ
Error: 1146 Table 'my_dbase.cur' doesn't exist (localhost)

GlobalFunctions.php line 450 calls wfbacktrace()
Database.php line 397 calls wfdebugdiebacktrace()
Database.php line 347 calls databasemysql::reportqueryerror()
updateSearchIndex.inc line 82 calls databasemysql::query()
updateSearchIndex.inc line 33 calls locksearchindex()
updateSearchIndex.php line 51 calls updatesearchindex()

Ive run /maintenance/update.php and a few rebuild scripts from the 
/maintenance/ dir with out a problem.
When MediaWiki was installed i started with 1.5.4 and have updated to 1.5.7

Thanks for any help.

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