[Mediawiki-l] Finding a User's Signup Date through MediaWiki and creating a "portal" tab

Filip Maljkovic dungodung at gmail.com
Fri Mar 17 17:27:28 UTC 2006

Joseph Beaudoin wrote:

>2. My users on my wiki (BattlestarWiki.org) are attempting to create a 
>portal system similar to the one used by Wikipedia.  I created the 
>namespace and that portion is fine -- however, how do I go about 
>changing the name of the tab. I am using the Monobook skin, so when 
>people are on the Portal page it says "article".  However, the variable 
>used is the same that is used in the article namespace, so if I change 
>it I have the same issue, just in reverse.
Just edit the http://path.to.your/wiki/MediaWiki:Ns-portal page 
appropriately (write "portal" in that page). That goes for any new 
namespace you add.

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