[Mediawiki-l] Finding a User's Signup Date through MediaWiki and creating a "portal" tab

Joseph Beaudoin joebeaudoin at joebeaudoin.net
Fri Mar 17 16:02:07 UTC 2006


Two things:

1. Is there a way to find out when a user created an account on a Wiki 
through the mediawiki software itself? (I can find this information 
easily enough if I dig through the database, but I really don't care to 
go that route.) I wasn't able to find anything substantial through Google.

2. My users on my wiki (BattlestarWiki.org) are attempting to create a 
portal system similar to the one used by Wikipedia.  I created the 
namespace and that portion is fine -- however, how do I go about 
changing the name of the tab. I am using the Monobook skin, so when 
people are on the Portal page it says "article".  However, the variable 
used is the same that is used in the article namespace, so if I change 
it I have the same issue, just in reverse.

I appreciate any information that anyone can provide on these two issues 
that would be appreciated.


Joe Beaudoin

Webmaster, Battlestar Wiki


 From /Blake's 7/, ep. "Star One":

*Avon: *I never doubted your fanaticism. As far as I'm concerned, you 
can stir up a thousand revolutions. You can wade in blood up to your 
armpits. Oh, and you can "lead the rabble to victory," whatever that 
might mean. Just as long as there's an end to it. When Star One is gone, 
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*Cally: *But you are free, Avon.

*Avon:* I want to be free of /him/.

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