[Mediawiki-l] Server Side Caching for Default Installation

Jon Belanger jon at chem.umass.edu
Thu Mar 16 17:17:26 UTC 2006

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First time posting to the list, so sorry if I'm out of touch a bit.  I 
did search through the documentation using the obvious keywords.

I'll lay out my problem...

I had MediaWiki at https://hostname.domain.edu/user/wiki

the LocalSettings.php reflected this path...

I then changed to


and changed LocalSettings.php to reflect this

Logging in anonymously the links in the wiki reflect the updated path, 
but when I log in as a pre-existing user, they reflect the old path.  
This is odd, and I suspected caching immediately.  If I make any change 
to a single page the new URL goes into the links for that page as it 

I did a little more exploring though, and found out a few odd things.

If I deleted the pre-existing user and simply logged in again as that 
user (I'm using the LdapAuthentication.php module, so no need to 
manually recreate, I can just log in with LDAP credentials and it'll 
build the record in wiki.[wiki]_user for me.

When the LDAP user is created in the DB the user doesn't have all of 
the "extra" preference values.  In this state all the pages reflect the 
proper URL in the links when logged in as the newly re-created user.  
However, if I make a change to the preferences of the newly re-created 
user (e.g. update real name, but could be any preference) then the URL 
in all of the links break once more.  But, like I said, If I page a 
change to single page, that page works, but the rest of the pages will 

So my questions are as follows:

#1 Why is caching on when I've set $wgCachePages = false

#2 Why the odd behavior with the "extra" preferences.  Why does it work 
without then, and why does it break with then.   More to the point, why 
does this effect server side caching?


Jon Belanger
Computer Systems Specialist
Departments of Chemistry, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
University of Massachusetts Amherst


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