[Mediawiki-l] [SPAM?]: main.css and Mirrors

Vasiliadis, Thomas T.Vasiliadis at schlemmerblock.de
Wed Mar 15 07:42:32 UTC 2006

Hi Flo,

A simple way to do this is the following one:

Server A has the wiki
Server B is the mirror
Setup a wiki on Server B similar to the one on server A
Make a Backup of the Conntent of server A and copy it to server B's Database
All you have to know is how to make and restore a Backup.
With a scheduller you can do this periodicaly



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I have a problem with the navigation bar (please see: 
de(dot)wikiplant(dot)org/wiki/ and tell me how to fix this problem)
2nd question: I want to display only the content of the wiki on another 
page as a mirror, but I don't know how to do this :(
Bye, Flo
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