[Mediawiki-l] Function to get imagepath by wiki-imagename?

Kraus, Alexander (KBV) AKraus at KBV.DE
Mon Mar 13 09:06:36 UTC 2006


I'm writing an extension to display an linked image within an article.

Usualy any displayed image in mediawiki ist linked to its own article.
I need to display images what are linked to an other article - for example Main_Page.

My problem is, that i like to use the common wiki imagename as a parameter and I don't know how to get the image's path by its name.
For exapmle:

The question is, how to get the location (path) of the image represented by 'Image:Imagename.png'.

Is there any function to get the path, by Imagename or something similar?

thanks in advance


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