[Mediawiki-l] preview backup

jdd jdd at dodin.org
Sat Mar 11 09:13:35 UTC 2006

Hello :-)

I'm making an extensive work on the fr.opensuse.org
mediawiki (translating the english part).

I have the following problem (not a bug):

Translation is often quite long. It needs often reading of
alternative pages, I have frequently 5/6 tabs open in Konqueror.

So it happen than I mix myself and close the wrong tab,
losing my work. I may also be called to phone and be
disconnected from the server from time to time, etc...

to avoid losing too much work, I'm obliged to save my work
frequently. This is cluttering the history/recent page, even
with the "pretty printing" option on (nice one :-)

could it be possible to have a file backup of the preview
page? that is a reusable copy wen one do a preview? This
copy would last only as long as the page is not yet saved,
and, for example, for a short time period (one day?) if
never saved.

In that case, I could use only preview, without saving all
the time. This would be much better also for the visitors
and in case of concurent edit, the work would have less risk
to be lost.


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