[Mediawiki-l] Spam with accounts

Benjamí Villoslada benjami at gmail.com
Thu Mar 9 09:55:40 UTC 2006


Only users have edit rights in my wiki, but this week I've received a lot of 
spam from new accounts.  Is the most annoying spam: revert, change passwords 
and see a lot of strange accounts in the users list. I can delete it? --the 
documentation says «Do not remove users from the user table in the mySQL 
database; this causes problems with other parts of the wiki due to the 
relational structure of the database.»

But I've seen the captcha tool in the mediawiki create account page.  For this 
reason I've upgraded from 1.4 to the last version 1.5.7, but I don't see the 
captcha in my new MediaWiki.  Anyone knows how to locate and insall this 
captcha for the new account creation page?  In the FAQ page says «There is no 
other way with the current software»




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