[Mediawiki-l] Pulling specific content from Wikipedia

Roger Zender rogerzender at hotmail.com
Wed Mar 8 20:47:39 UTC 2006

Hi there!

I am working on my Masters Project for Kent State University, and my project
is to develop a wiki for their public radio station ­ specifically dealing
with folk music.

I¹m struggling to find a way to pre-populate it with the vast information
already available on Wikipedia (or if it¹s even possible).

I see Wikipedia has an API, which would allow me access to their
information... but I don¹t know if this would fit our needs.

I also see they have a dump of the entire system, but I don¹t know if you
can pull out just the information you want.

Finally ­ if neither of these are good possibilities, are there any good
suggestions how to go about building a wiki from the ground up ­ to
eventually be the home for folk music on the web?  :)

Roger Zender
Cleveland, OH

~~ http://www.rogerzmusic.com ~~
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