[Mediawiki-l] Adding and Editing User Groups

FreeAll Support support at freeall.org
Tue Mar 7 09:29:53 UTC 2006

Hello all.

I have tried to edit and add User Groups (for Permissions), and it didn't
really work as I assumed it will...

Well, I entered DefaultSettings.php, copied to appropriate lines to
LocalSettings.php, and changed the ["user"] to ["something"] and so on. What
happened, is that I got this "user" group with no permissions at all, and
another group, "something" with the permissions that was once belonged to
the "user" group.

I could probably guess that this what is going to happen...
Well, the thing is that I want each user, whenever he creates its account,
will be from a specific group: "something". And I even want to change
"anonymous" group to "almoni", for example.

Can I do that? In the DefaultSettings.php there is [*   ] instead of

Is there any web interface for that? Or any extensions?

I have the latest version of media-wiki.

Thanks ahead!


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