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Tim Doyle tim at greenscourt.com
Sun Mar 5 14:53:13 UTC 2006


Go to Special Pages and select Export pages and type in the name of any page
on your wiki and export it. Once the file has been exported, open it with
your favorite editor and view the additional formatting before and after the
contents of the page. If you can add similar content before and after the
contents of your page (and convert your page from HTML to wiki-style), you
should be able to use the Import Pages feature to read in your page. You can
re-import as well, so this process should work in keeping your site map up
to date.

Note that this import/export process seems to work better in Internet
Explorer - I have not had good luck in Firefox. 


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I advance :-)

using wget to download the site and tree to make a map (with grep to filter
out all the edit links), I get an html page with a sitemap reasonably

but they are hmtl links... and I would like to have a wiki
page :-(

is there a way to copy the html page into the wiki with the good links
(import don't accept the page)


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