[Mediawiki-l] mysqli

adrian adrian-gu-mp at aporter.org
Fri Mar 3 04:19:09 UTC 2006

> > Quick question.  I have checked the FAQ and the documentation.  Why
> > doesn't mediawiki use mysqli?
> Why would it?

Hello Brion,

Well, as Sylvain said, there are a few reasons NOT to support mysqli.
Like, for instance, the mysql package is installed by default and the
mysqli package is currently not installed by default.  I'll admit,
right now that's a very good reason to refrain from making it the
default method.

The first reason TO use mysqli that you might care about (which was told
to me by someone on #MediaWiki) is that mysqli_stmt is much faster and
much more secure than mysql_query (you don't need to escape the inputs
to mysqli_stmt).  The API is supposedly better, but they seem equally
simple to me.

The only reason *I* would like to see mysqli supported (even if it was
not the default method) would be so we could use mysqli_embedded.
mysqli_embedded allows people to use MediaWiki in standalone
applications much easier.  In fact, it would allow people to use
MediaWiki without significant change in a wikipedia-on-dvd type

thanks for your time,


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