[Mediawiki-l] mysqli

iubito iubito at gmail.com
Thu Mar 2 17:49:50 UTC 2006

Hi !
I don't know mysqli, but a quick look at php doc (
http://www.php.net/mysqli) says :

In order to have these functions available, you must compile PHP with
support for the mysqli extension.

Note: The mysqli extension is designed to work with the version 4.1.3 or
above of MySQL. For previous versions, please see the MySQL extension

MediaWiki can work with older version of MySQL, and does not need to
(re-)compile PHP, because we often can't do that (shared hosting...).

2006/3/2, adrian <adrian-gu-mp at aporter.org>:
> Hello,
> Quick question.  I have checked the FAQ and the documentation.  Why
> doesn't mediawiki use mysqli?  It's actually not that hard to switch
> from using mysql to mysqli.  Also, mysqli supports a few nice things.
> thanks,
> adrian

Sylvain Machefert

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