[Mediawiki-l] missing "enable e-mail from other users" check box in V 1.4.5

Rob Berridge rberridge2 at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 1 20:24:22 UTC 2006

I use MediaWiki Version 1.4.5 and on the user
preferences page I don't see how to
enable other users to e-mail me. In wikipedia there is
a check box in the right column on the user
preferences page, whereas on my version of mediawiki I
can't find the check box anywhere.


This is important because I want the users of my wiki
to be able to e-mail each other.

I tried submitting this e-mail the list once before
but I could not find a response, so I'm sorry if this
is a duplicate message, but I'm very eager to get some


Rob Berridge

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