[Mediawiki-l] Can category hierarchy be adjusted?

Michael Dorosh madorosh at shaw.ca
Wed Mar 1 00:23:09 UTC 2006

You just have to change the category tags on the pages is all.

If you have 

Page One - [[Category: Baseball]]

and you have 

Category: Baseball with a tag on the page called [[Category: Sports]]

You would then find that "Baseball" is a subcategory of "Sports".

If you wanted to change the order around, you would have to 

change Page One to include [[Category: Sports]]

and changed Category: Sports to include [[Category: Baseball]]

so then "Sports" would be a subcategory of "Baseball".

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  Can category hierarchy be adjusted?

  ie, if I make a "toplevel" category, can I change it to a "sub category" 
  sometime later?

  I'm still a category newbie, so pardon my ignorance.


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