[Mediawiki-l] Sync Mediawiki-l with mwusers.com via Mail2Forum?

Rob Church robchur at gmail.com
Tue Feb 28 20:42:32 UTC 2006

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Rob Church

On 28/02/06, Matt England <mengland at mengland.net> wrote:
> Would Mediawiki-l consider syncing with mwusers.com via:
> http://www.mail2forum.com/wiki/Main_Page
> ?  (And what do you know, it's a MediaWiki page there.  :)
> In other words:  would we prefer to have to segregated conversations
> talking about the same thing, or would we like to merge the conversations?
> In short, web posts become emails, and emails become web posts.  The
> web-forum threads become synchronized with the email threads, and the users
> for each vehicle (email list or web forum) don't know the difference,
> unless they happened to read both communication vehicle.
> I use Mail2Forum on my collaboration server, it's probably the
> most-valuable collaboration tool I have besides MediaWiki and Subversion,
> in part because GNUMailman's archive interface is just so bad--but now I
> can have people post via the web forum and have it show up on the email
> list, too.
> Maybe Mail2Forum needs one more rev to get kinks out for a high-volume list
> like MW-l, but I'd recommend the corresponding webmasters start testing it
> out in test forums/lists anyway.
> I've been saying this all over on other "forum and email list duplicated
> conversation" internet communities (eg, Subversion), and I've gotten some
> attention, but I don't yet know of someone taking the bait.
> -Matt
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