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David Harvey dmharvey at math.harvard.edu
Tue Feb 28 19:38:52 UTC 2006

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> From: Sigbert Klinke <sigbert at wiwi.hu-berlin.de>
> Subject: [Mediawiki-l] LaTeX question
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> Hi,
> in a formula I write <math>\frac{\sum_{i=1}^n ...}{...}</math>. The  
> sum
> sign appears always in \textmode. I tried to use
> <math>\frac{\displaystyle \sum_{i=1}^n ...}{...}</math>, but during
> rendering an error occured: unknown function \displaystyle. What can I
> do to force \displaystyle ?
> Thanks in advance
>   Sigbert Klinke

On en.wikipedia, the texvc program has been updated fairly recently  
to include support for both \displaystyle and \textstyle. If you're  
talking about your own wiki, you might consider upgrading your texvc  
to the latest one available. If that's not possible, I don't think  
there is any way to force displaystyle. You *can* force textstyle  
with a nasty hack involving \begin{matrix} ... \end{matrix}, but no  
such luck with displaystyle. (Maybe someone else can prove me wrong.)

David Harvey

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