[Mediawiki-l] Plus sign in a link - is it allowed?

Matt Curtis mattc at aie.vic.edu.au
Tue Feb 28 02:36:33 UTC 2006

In w:Help:Link it states clearly that "in internal and interwiki
link style, a plus sign in a page name is not allowed, the HTML
and hence the rendered page just shows the wikitext, e.g. a+b".

However, looking at that page live on Wikipedia, the plus sign
*is* shown in the link.

On my wiki (1.5.6) [[a+b]] is rendered as the wikitext.

I couldn't find any release notes that describes this change.
Is it a Wikipedia customisation? Will upgrading MediaWiki give
me this feature? Is it an actual feature, or just some crazy
undocumented behaviour that I should steer clear of?

I've been using "CPlusPlus" when I mean "C++", but I'd love to
change if someone can clear this up for me. I'll even update
the documentation on Wikipedia out of gratitude :-)

Matt Curtis

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